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People expect healthcare facilities to be clean and safe, and ensuring the safety of patients, visitors and staff is among the most important jobs facility managers perform.

The use of Tennant equipment can help to keep your facility cleaner and healthier so you can give patients and visitors a better experience.

Free Backpack Vacuum  

  • Facility cleanliness doesn't start and stop at the door. Debris present within parking lots and footpaths can be dragged into your facility. Using Tennant sweepers to clean these surfaces improves the perception of cleanliness and also helps to minimise soils inside.
    View our range of walk-behind sweepers.

  • Improve environmental air quality with HEPA filters on vacuums which help control the levels of airborne particles including those associated with allergens. Most of Tennant's vacuums are equipped with HEPA as standard and are much quieter helping reduce noise levels.
    Check out the 3070B cordless HEPA vacuum.

  • Cleaning chemical odours are increasingly seen as unhealthy and may trigger respiratory problems in patients. Tennant offers chemical-free scrubbing technology to eliminate chemical smells and increase floor traction to reduce slips and falls.
    Take a look at the video below or Click Here to find out more about ec-H2O™ technology.



Tennant's NEW ec-H2O NanoClean™ cleaning technology reduces the need for daily use detergents in your facility. ec-H2O NanoClean™ technology electrically converts water into an innovative cleaning solution and effectively removes typical daily soils, without leaving chemical residue. This can improve floor traction and increase safety within your facility.
Watch the demonstration below to see the difference between tap water and
ec-H2O NanoClean™.



Speak to a sales representative about cleaning solutions for your healthcare facility today! Also recieve a free Backpack Vacuum when you purchase any Tennant Ride-on machine*.


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*Terms and conditions for the Free Backpack Vacuum available here.

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