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The Benefits of Sustainability Strategies

Why your business should develop sound environmental practices
Has your organisation developed and implemented a sustainability strategy? When choosing suppliers, is your decision based on whether they have one?

Once upon a time, behaving in a sustainable manner was considered a bit ‘goody two shoes’. Increasingly it’s about real credibility, genuine care factor in how your business conducts itself as member of the global community. And as more companies, large and small, have turned towards sustainability initiatives, a kind of corporate fellowship has emerged, with each business that serves another a link in a longer chain of environmentally conscientious organisations. Being seen as a sustainable business is a very good thing and countless products and services have been introduced that make sustainability practices easier to implement.

Tennant Company’s commitment to sustainability
Within our own company, we have a very definite vision to lead the way in sustainable practices. We continually gauge our own efforts to determine the benefits they deliver, not just for the environment but also for our bottom line. What we’ve found is that one doesn’t have to disadvantage the other; in fact, choosing a more sustainable solution can actually be more cost-effective.

Tennant Company is known for evolving to meet external influences. Early on in our history, we developed eco-advantaged products for our own business and for our customers. It began with vacuum-equipped sweepers that featured enhanced dust control. Next, we developed high-performance, low-VOC floor coatings, followed by highly concentrated detergents. In more recent times, we introduced our game-changing ec-H2O™ technology, which took out the ‘Business Innovation of the Year’ award at the 2009 European Business Awards (EBA). We’re also extremely proud of our Orbio® On-Site Generation systems. The ec-H2O and Orbio lines both deliver significant reductions in water usage, greenhouse gas emissions and waste generated, all key elements in any hardware’s lifecycle environmental footprint.

Our R&D teams are constantly coming up with innovative and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions for our customers who are increasingly seeking them. Frequently, when a potential customer asks us for a proposal, they request that we summarise our sustainability strategies to determine if they match with their own.

Putting sustainability policies and practices in place can very literally mean the difference between landing a new contract or not.

Tennant Company is a recognized leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, safer, healthier world. With a vision to become a global leader in sustainable cleaning innovation that empowers our customers to create a cleaner, safer and healthier world, Tennant creates solutions that are changing the way the world cleans. Tennant products include equipment used to maintain indoor and outdoor surfaces, as well as TennantTrue® financing solutions, equipment parts, service, and maintenance to help ensure superior cleaning performance from your Tennant machines.

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