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Superwinch T16 Success Story

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Superwinch designs and manufactures a broad range of winches, and the company’s 1,000-lb. to 5,000-lb. capacity winches are found in diverse industries and applications worldwide. Superwinch combines first class design, quality, value and solid construction for safe, simple and reliable operation.


Superwinch needed a reliable, highly maneuverable scrubber that could easily navigate 7′ 3″-wide warehouse aisles. Their previous scrubber left wet, slippery floors in its path, was difficult to maintain, and had to be backed out when pallets blocked aisles.


The Tennant T16 battery-powered compact ride-on scrubber was selected because it works great in tight spaces, and equipped with Tenant’s exclusive ec-H2O™ cleaning technology, the T16 scrubber cleans by electrically converting water into an innovative cleaning solution. This solution cleans effectively, saves money, improves safety, and reduces environmental impact compared to daily cleaning floor chemicals and methods.


"The T16 scrubber’s small turning radius is a godsend. Now, instead of backing out if an aisle is blocked by a pallet, I can spin right around," said Maintenance Manager Roman Giebultowski. Plus, the Superwinch facility is ISO 14001-certified, so whatever scrubber they chose had to environmentally safe. "And by not using three gallons of chemicals to clean the floors each week, we save approximately $2,000 to $3,000 a year."


He appreciates that the floor is dry and ready for employees to walk on as soon as it’s been cleaned. Giebultowski also likes the T16 scrubber’s easy-to-identify maintenance touch points. Servicing the T16 is easy and replacing worn brushes or squeegee blades takes just a few minutes.

All the other scrubbers Giebultowski considered used cleaning chemicals, which would have required a discharge permit from the Environmental Protection Agency. Or he could have pumped the chemical discharge into a tank and paid $1 per gallon, or $70 to $80 a week, to have it removed. The T16 with ec-H2O technology doesn’t use any chemicals to clean, so Superwinch is able to save money while also reducing environmental impact.

"I love the T16 with ec-H2O," said Giebultowski. "The floors are clean and we don’t use any chemicals to clean them. It’s great."

To learn more about ec-H2O technology, call 1-800-964-9644 or Contact Us

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"Using our old scrubber I would have to go over an area twice to get it as clean as one pass of the T16 with ec-H2O™. I love it. It works very well."

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Roman Giebultowski
Superwinch Maintenance Manager


T16 Battery-Powered Ride-on Scrubber


ec-H2O™ Electrically Converted Water Technology